Sudo Alternatives

Of course, Sudo isn't the only game in town. I won't comment on these other options as I haven't spent much time working with them (and I'd probably be a bit biased). If you would like to add to this list, please send mail to [email protected].

Open Source Sudo Alternatives

  • vsys

  • GNU userv

  • sus

  • super

  • priv

  • calife

  • ssu

  • su1

  • op (originally shipped with ConvexOS, this is a free version based on Tom Christiansen's paper)

System-specific Sudo Alternatives

  • The Solaris pfexec command can be used to run commands with extra privileges, as determined by the security profile.

  • The AIX sysctl command can be used to run privileged commands on a local or remote server.

  • SCO OpenServer used to ship with a command call asroot but it has been removed from the current version.

  • HP-UX has a resticted verson of the SAM system administration tool that allows non-root users to perform specific tasks.

Commercial Alternatives

  • Privilege Manager for Unix

  • Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo which supports a centrally administered sudoers file, I/O logging, and a management console. A freeware version is also available.

  • Privileged User Manager which also includes a sudo-compatible interface.

  • suSub

  • Power Broker

  • CaclMgr

  • CA Access Control

  • Foxt BoKS

Sudo-like utilities for Windows

  • sudowin

  • suDown